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This wikia is about X's Adventures in Minecraft on davidr64yt's channel and to encourage him to make more videos about Minecraft Beta

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X is a adventurous player in Minecraft , he decided to use his Youtube channel to make a journal of his adventure he's currently in The Call of the Prime Wolves Spin-off series . we here are planning to get him back into Minecraft as we love his Videos and hope to see his Altar of naming soon. He also does Little messages from when he plays Minecraft and has a Relaxing With Minecraft series which currently has 3 episodes .

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    New page: Add a photo Spider Cave is where X found a Spider Spawner in episode 30 and 31
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    New page: Add a photo The Beta Chicken appears in episode 45 when X crafts a fishing pole to try out , they fall down one of the caves outside of the X-System...
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    New page: During episodes 9-10 X wanders to far and has to make a temporary shelter to protect himself from the monsters of the night

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    New page: Add a photo Wolf One is X's pet wolf , Wolf One was first seen in XAIM:Call of the Prime Wolves - " The First Of Many " X comments " That it going to...
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    New page: There is the list of episodes : GREEN SERIES : The Shelter From the Black Of Night A Cave Once Untouched 2.5 . A cave Once UnTouched P2

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